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Empowering drug product development with end-to-end microstructure CRO and software solutions

We collaborate closely with our pharmaceutical partners, aiming to speed up their therapeutic programs and minimize development expenses.

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Our solutions are designed to solve hurdles for every stage of product development, across nearly all dosage forms and therapeutic modalities.

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Advanced Microscopy

A true understanding of the drug product starts with a visual understanding. From intermediates to the final product, we apply correlative 3D imaging to assess the structures dictating performance and quality.

Microstructure CQAs

An integral part of the product development lifecycle is the use of quality by design and selection of critical process parameters. Applying our proprietary AI image analysis and digitization, we collect a unique suite of attributes to discriminate CQAs and accelerate decision making.

In Silico Dissolution

Common approaches to prediction of drug performance oversimplify the microstructures and particle properties. Our pixel based approach uses real world structures to quantify mass transport and predict release behavior.

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