Enhance capsule development with our advanced strategy focusing on powder design and capsule interactions for superior product quality and design insights.



Capsule development involves an integrated strategy around powder particle design and capsule-powder interactions. Traditional particle characterization techniques fail in this realm, and can leave critical questions around product design and quality unanswered. With non-invasive inspection of powder in the capsule, we aim to demystify these black box questions.

Common Challenges

  • Ensuring robust powder processability.
  • Optimizing particle attributes for dissolution.
  • Variability in powder mixing and loading.
  • Product quality impacted by powder-capsule interaction.


We apply non-invasive 3D analysis of the capsule to quantify particle attributes, powder loading efficiency, and their interaction with the capsule walls. From particle engineering to stability testing, our custom workflow has proved pivotal in guiding development towards a final drug product with high quality and efficacy in mind. Use of in silico dissolution enables the direct correlation between particle properties, process, and performance.

We support all capsule formulations, including powder blends, spray dried particles, and beads.

Our Approach

  • Identification of particle critical quality attributes and critical process parameters.
  • In silico dissolution to guide particle engineering.
  • Quantitative analysis of active-excipient interactions in the capsule.
  • Non-invasive analysis of particle-capsule interfaces.



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