DigiM I2S Software

I2S, or image to simulation, is a cloud based image processing platform designed to manage the complete lifecycle of your image data.

DigiM I2S Software

Cloud-Based Data Management

Utilizing a cloud based data management library, I2S allows its users to access image data anytime, anywhere, from any device. I2S data management includes FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliance, by storing and maintaining these records I2S will automatically and track all data created, modified, and retrieved from within the platform for the data's entire lifecycle.

An image of a storage server for a cloud data management platform.
DigiM I2S Software

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

I2S utilizes artificial intelligence based techniques to support the digital transformation of your drug products. Through supervised machine learning and deep learning semantic image segmentation techniques, I2S offers the tools to handle any type of image analysis problem.

An microCT image of a tablet which has been split into 2 halves, the left showing the original image, while the right half showcases an AI machine learning semantically segmented version.
DigiM I2S Software


Once segmentation has been performed to create a digital twin of a drug product, an assortment of quality attributes can be computed from the twin. Morphological characterizations can be performed to determine metrics such as volume, particle size distribution, and spatial distributions, and many more. Utilizing these measured attributes users can begin to correlate microstructural critical quality attributes to process parameters and product performance in order to gain a greater understanding of their products.

A plot showing a comparison between tablet tensile strength and SDD wall thickness, and how those microstructure features correlate with outlet temperature.
DigiM I2S Software

Physics-based Simulations

I2S, features a suite of physics based simulations allowing a user to compute mass transport properties of there product directly from their imagery. digiM has developed a voxel based simulation method, in which each pixel of the scene is used as a computational cells to assist in these computations. This voxel based approach allows I2S users to compute highly accurate mass transport properties much faster than traditional fluid dynamics simulation techniques. I2S also contains a patented diffusion simulation allowing users to predict the drug release of the digital twins of their products.

A gif from a MicroCt scan of implant, with a proceeding drug release front as the drug diffuses out of the controlled release polymer system.

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