digiM Webinar: From Compaction to Dissolution

Microstructure CQAs

The morphological properties of powdered drug intermediates and excipients play a critical role in their downstream compaction, and ultimately the performance of the final dosage form. Beyond particle size distribution, there is an entire suite of critical  attributes that should be considered during powder process development and manufacture of the final product. In this webinar, the use of high-resolution imaging and AI analysis to visualize and quantify these attributes will be reviewed. In particular,  the use of these tools to enhance understanding of tablet mechanical strength, dissolution, and disintegration will be discussed. These novel microstructure assets provide a new pathway toward oral dosage form quality by design.

Key learning objectives:

  • What are the important critical quality attributes for ingredients, intermediates, and the final dosage form to consider during development?
  • How can we visualize and quantify these CQAs with microstructure analysis?
  • How can this analysis enhance quality by design approaches to save time and resources in development?

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