With DigiM's extensive experience and ability to push state-of-the-art boundaries, we solve the toughest image processing problems. As most of the quantification and simulation results are dependent on the accuracy of image segmentation, transparent segmentation is crucial to any image analytics workflow. DigiM manages a variety of imaging artifacts and segments extremely difficult features that are impossible by other means. We always share our segmentation result and welcome customer's review and opinions. 

Once the segmentation is completed, DigiM then computes a large suite of analytical measures to characterize microstructures, including:

  • Geometric quantification of microstructures (pores, defects, inclusions, particles, fibers, layers) in terms of their volume fraction, distribution, connectivity, orientation, surface area, and more
  • Evaluation of microstructure design (representative elementary volume - REV, heterogeneity, manufacturing process, composition)
  • Quality control of microstructure

As a corner stone of DigiM's core intellectual property, our analytic capabilities are best demonstrated by various industrial applications.


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