DigiM provides our Pharmaceutical clients with the software and services to create image-based drug formulations and evaluations. Using our unique image-based characterization technique, we enable our pharmaceutical clients to solve the most challenging problems in their field.

We’ve worked on the distribution of API in multilayer coated doses, the correlation between a drug’s micro-structure and the release rate of the drug, and the bioequivalence of a generic drug vs. a brand name drug, just to name a few.

To take a closer look at our work with various clients, and their unique challenges, you can find more specific information in the sidebar.


  1. Correlative Microimaging and Image-Based Diffusion Simulation to Predict Extended Release Drug Performance. Invited talk at AAPS 2017 Symposium of Assembling an Advanced Analytical Toolkit to Support LAP Dosage Forms, San Diego, CA, November 12-15, 2017. (Request a copy of the abstract.) (Request a copy of the slides.)
  2. Understanding the Process-Product-Performance Interplay of Spray Dried Drug-Polymer Systems through Complete Structural and Chemical Characterization of Single Spray Dried Particles. Poster presentation at AAPS 2017, Poster Forum 6: Drug Delivery - Pharmaceutical Technologies - Formulation, , San Diego, CA, November 12-15, 2017 (Poster Abstract.)
  3. Correlative focused ion beam scanning electron microscope and x-ray micro-computed tomography imaging on multi-scale drug release characterization and 3D-printing manufacturing. CRS 2017 Annual Conference Poster Presentation. Poster No. 128, July 16-19, 2017, Boston. (Request a copy of the abstract) (Request a copy of the poster.)
  4. Advanced Image Characterization and Analysis on Polymer Based Implantable Dosage Formulations. (With ) (Request a copy of the abstract)
  5. Microscopic Image Based Drug Delivery System Characterization. AAPS 2016 Annual Conference. (Congratulations to DigiM intern Cheney C.Y. Zhang, who co-authored the abstract based on his summer project in porous material generation using pore-size distribution, a first at McCall Middle School.) (Request a Copy)
  6. DigiMedicine: FIB-SEM/MicroCT 3D imaging for drug microstructure and deliverability characterization. AAPS National Biotechnology Conference 2016. (Request a Copy) (Request a Copy of poster)
  7. Advances in Solid State Imaging of Pharmaceutical Systems. Invited talk at AAPS Arden Conference 2016. (With Prof. Patrick Marsac, Univ. of Kentucky). (Request a Copy)
  8. Microstructure Investigation of Controlled Release Multi-Particulates Using FIB-SEM. UKPharmSci 2013. (With ) (Request a Copy)
  9. Ultrahigh Spatial Resolution FB/SEM Three-Dimensional Imaging and Visualization of Whole Yeast Cell, BioTechniques with cover page story and editor highlight, 53:41-48, July 2012. (Request a Copy)
  10. Microstructural Investigation of Tablet Compaction and Tablet Pharmacological Properties. MIT Ph.D. Thesis 2010. (With MIT and Novartis). (Request a Copy)