DigiM pioneers in 3D microscopic imaging, image analytics and image-based simulation, with a track-record of publications and presentations jointly with our elite customers. Our papers can be requested through the links when available .


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  6. Alan P. Byrnes, Shawn Zhang, Lyn Canter, Mark D. Sonnenfeld. Application of Integrated Core and Multiscale 3-D Image Rock Physics to Characterize Porosity, Permeability, Capillary Pressure, and Two- and Three-Phase Relative Permeability in the Codell Sandstone, Denver Basin, Colorado. Unconventional Resources Technology Conference, URTeC 2901840, Houston, Texas, USA, 23-25 July 2018. (With .) Request a copy of the abstract. Request a copy of the manuscript.
  7. Dan Wu and Shawn Zhang. Microimaging Characterization and Release Prediction of Controlled Release Microspheres. 18-A-137-CRS. Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting and Exposition, New York City, New York, U.S.A. July 22-24 2018. (With OraPharma) Request a copy of the abstract.
  8. Shawn Zhang and Natalya Ionkina. The Impact of Capillary Condensation on the Hydrocarbon Storage and Mobility. 2018 AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition, P102, 2856053, Salt Lake City, UT, May 20-23, 2018. Request a copy of the extended abstract. Request a copy of the poster.

  9. 2017

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  18. Application of integrated core and 3D image rock physics to characterize Niobrara chalk porosity, permeability, capillary pressure, and two- and three-phase relative permeability. Accepted to present and publish by URTec 2017. (With ) (Request a copy of abstract) (Request a copy of full paper) (Request the presentation)
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  23. 2016

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  27. DigiMedicine: FIB-SEM/MicroCT 3D imaging for drug microstructure and deliverability characterization. AAPS National Biotechnology Conference 2016. (Request a Copy) (Request a Copy of poster)
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  29. 2014 or earlier

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